You will learn to analyse the interaction between international business and economic development with a strong focus on developing countries and emerging markets. This will enable you to operate and manage activities in developing countries and emerging markets, taking into account the particular economic and cultural conditions. Furthermore you will work explicitly with your academic writing in English as well as your oral competencies in French, German or Spanish. You can find information about the structure of the program below and on the CBS website.



Business and Development Studies is a two-year master’s programme that is divided into 4 semesters. The autumn semester runs from September through November with exams in December and January; and the spring semester from February through April with exams in May and June. First and second semester consist of compulsory courses, third semester of elective courses and fourth semester finishes off the programme with the master thesis. During the third semester most students go abroad on internships at firms and organizations working with and in developing countries and emerging markets, or study at universities and business schools in such countries. In the third semester you have the choice between doing an internship, going on exchange or taking elective courses. There are dedicated elective courses varying from semester to semester. Furthermore, when studying Business and Development Studies, you can apply to the CEMS MIM programme, which is a double degree in International Management. It provides you with both the CBS MSc degree and the CEMS in International Management.


*Regional track courses

Students must choose 1 of these courses.

  • New Frontiers or More of the Same: Understanding Innovation in Asian Emerging Economies

  • Leading and Managing in Latin America

  • Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility Beyond Borders

  • The EU as a Global Actor

  • Africa, Global Value Chains and Development


Regional track courses with language

Students must do 1 of these courses according to their choice of area study.


  • Business and Social Responsibility in Francophone Countries (French)

  • Germany as a Global Actor (German)

  • Business Strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean (Spanish)

  • Institutions and Business Strategy in the Chinese Context (Chinese and Japanese - taught in English)

You can find course descriptions in the programme regulations for Business and Development Studies.

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