Our research center is organized in three cross-cutting research clusters: 1) Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation in Development (EMID); 2) Sustainability Governance Group (SGG); and 3) Knowledge and Global Development (KGD). Find information below on ongoing projects related to each cluster. We carry out critical, engaged and theoretically-driven research on the roles of business, government and civil society in promoting inclusive, just and sustainable development – with a focus on power dynamics, inequalities and marginalized actors in the global South.

CBS Sustainability  +  Centre for Business & Development Studies

The purpose of SGG is to nurture Sustainability Governance knowledge. This is accomplished principally by developing and supporting research, publication and dissemination focused on the governance of sustainability in a variety of global contexts. These activities may extend to sustainability education, fundraising, as well as outreach and engagement with policy and practice. Areas of expertise span a broad range of fields, yet SGG’s shared interests lie at the intersection of the economic with the social and/or environmental. Particular strengths include governance and sustainability as related to global value chains, corporate social responsibility (CSR), development, public and private regulation, human rights, power and justice, international business and the SDGs. Within these topics, research explores different approaches to governance; tensions and trade-offs; impacts, both intended and unintended; differing perspectives and viewpoints; and multi-level impacts (micro-meso-macro) of governance and their interactions.


Contact: Sarah Castaldi


The Knowledge and Global Development group (KGD) is a research cluster focused on critical approaches to the business of development and business activities in a developmental context. Our members study the myriad future(s) of development – social, political, environmental and economic - in the face of global challenges. Our work analyzes the interplay of knowledge and development in diverse contexts, across and between the Global South and Global North. The cluster meets monthly, and hosts research seminars that are open to all on a quarterly basis.

Contact: Maha Rafi Atal


The Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation for Development (EMID) group studies firms’ role in sustainable development in the Global South. The EMID explores firms’ (local and foreign) practices and emerging strategies in seeking opportunities to overcome local and global challenges.

Contact: Jacobo Ramirez

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