Hans Krause Hansen


Vice Head of Department

Room: DH.V.2.40


E-mail: hkh.msc@cbs.dk

My research revolves around the role of non-state actors in global politics, and in a broader sense, around the changing boundaries between the public and private in politics and economic life. I am mainly inspired by constructivist and cultural studies approaches to the research of power and governance, including theories of practice and discourse.

Thematically, my current focus is on the proliferation of transparency and anti-corruption regimes, the role of 'soft' modes of governance including the development of voluntary standards, as well as how various political, economic and cultural practices have come to shape conceptions of uncertainty and risk within and around organizations. In recent research I have explored the power of numbers and numerical forms such as rankings in the global political economy, the management of corruption risks, the forms and practices of transparency in organizations, as well as critical perspectives on the role of corporate power in politics.

In terms of regional specialization I have done much of my research with a focus on local and regional dynamics in Latin America, specifically Mexico.

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